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【ヴィーガンバター】原材料: 有機ココナッツオイル、豆乳、菜種油、カシューナッツ、塩、ターメリック

内容量: 100g


”AIN SOPH. Bakery” is ready for your breakfast🍞🍴


Gluten-free and vegan bread called ”CUBE” is now online!


Enjoy our fluffy breads to start your days☀️


Our brand-new bread and vegan butter set available only for limited quantity!



Take out the bread from the freezer and keep it for about 3-4 hours before eating.


【Bread "CUBE"】

Ingredients:rice flour (domestic), sesame oil, sugar beet, pregelatinized rice flour, yeast, sea salt

quantity:1 piece (9.5㎝×9.5㎝)

keep in the freezer(-18 degree)


【vegan Butter】

Ingredients : organic coconut oil, soy milk, canola oil, cashew nuts, salt, turmelic quantity: 100g

keep in the freezer.

《Bakery》祝記念【CUBE×Butter】 (GF).Bread with Butter set

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